June is Brain Health Awareness Month

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Brain Health Awareness Month

Did you know that the brain:

–Is more efficient than any computer. Although the processing speed varies, it’s estimated that information can move through the brain at speeds of 268 miles per hour and has a virtual unlimited storage capacity.

–Only feels pleasure as there are no pain receptors in the brain; headache pain is felt in the brain’s covering, not the brain itself.

–Runs on electricity, producing enough power to light a 25 watt bulb

–Has 3 major parts

–Is the fattest organ in the human body

–Operates through chemical and electrical processes that allow communication with the nervous system

So what can we do to keep our brain healthy and functioning well?

–Take care of your physical health by having an annual wellness check. 

–Limit use of alchohol and quit smoking

–Working out at least 3 times a day for 30 minutes 

–Eating healht foods and limiting sugar intake

–Reading or journaling to stimulate the brain 

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Winner for the 2022 Best of Wausau Awards – Non-profit Organizations

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We are happy to announce that Faith in Action-Marathon County has been selected as the Winner for the 2022 Best of Wausau Awards in the category of Non-Profit Organization.

We can’t thank our faithful volunteers enough for spending time with our care-receivers and offering quality services.

We want to express our sincere gratitude to our donors. You truly make the difference for us, and we are extremely grateful!


Giving Tuesday

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Together we give.

OUR COMMUNITY IS STRONG… Let’s help it grow even stronger.
Join us in giving back for GivingTuesday on November 30.

Donate financially to Faith in Action of Marathon County, or volunteer, or do an act of kindness.

Every act of generosity counts and each means more when we give together.


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2021 OBT Grant Received

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Otto Bremer Trust awards

Faith in Action of Marathon County

Recently, more than $1.5 million in grants were awarded to organizations in Wisconsin from Otto Bremer Trust (www.ottobremer.org).  Faith in Action of Marathon County (FIAMC) is extremely humbled and blessed to receive funding as a portion of those grants.

The funds received will help our organization connect seniors with volunteers through investments in online technology, as well as, ongoing operating costs, allowing FIAMC to enhance senior services and extend our footprint in North-Central Wisconsin.

Monthly Newsletter


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Your dedication, commitment and loving-kindness to helping our most vulnerable seniors right here in Marathon County inspires us, and this year was no exception. You continued to volunteer in-person and went above and beyond to find new ways to contribute where the action is virtually.

Your beautiful heart and thoughtfulness is a gift that will be treasured in another’s heart.

Because of you, Faith in Action of Marathon County (FIAMC) continued to provide crucial services including medical transportation, grocery delivery and wellness check-in calls – which became a favorite among our care-receivers in 2020.

Even the smallest actions make the world of difference. THANK YOU for your unselfish service to others, all year!

FIAMC continues to need your value, involvement and service to others.

We continue to post our volunteer needs on United Way’s community involvement website and hope you can share this page with a friend, relative or colleague. Faith In Action Of Marathon County

THANK YOU and may you be blessed for your unselfish service to others in the year ahead.

Ruth Hebbe

FIAMC Program Director