Home Care & Healthy Living

Today, roughly 28% of seniors live alone. This adds up to nearly 12.5 million people.

While many seniors enjoy living alone and want to maintain their independence for as long as possible, living alone can pose some serious security threats to seniors.

Here are some tips to help you stay home and healthy:

  1. Stay in good health
  2. Build a close circle of friends
  3. Keep up with your medications
  4. Develop a disaster kit
  5. Keep up with home repair
  6. Lock doors and windows
  7. Make sure to have an updated and working fire alarms
  8. Develop of list of emergency contacts
  9. Have someone check in with you daily
  10. Keep up with going to your routine check ups

If you need help with getting transportation or medical appointments, grocery shopping or running any other errands, please give us a call at 715-848-8783.

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