Support Faith in Action Marathon County with Your Music Survey on 89Q

Hi Everyone,

This week, your survey supports Faith in Action of Marathon County (not associated with the national organization). They work to help residents age 60 and over remain independent in their homes for as long as safely possible. Their staff matches Marathon County seniors with volunteers who provide simple services that are non-medical and non-professional.  For each completed survey, we’ll donate $1 to Faith in Action of Marathon County, so please take the survey and then consider passing on this email to a friend.

The deadline to complete the survey is Sunday, April 14th at 11:59 pm.  Thank you for helping play the best songs on 89Q and for making a difference in north central Wisconsin. Click here to take the survey.Survey link if above Hyperlink does not work: http://89q.songscore.com/survey_main.php

Also, last week I recorded a week’s worth of “Hope & Encouragement” verses that are playing this week on 89Q.  

Thanks, again!
With Kind Regards,


Ruth Hebbe, MBA

Program Director

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