Monthly Newsletter

Summer 2018

We MUST have your current Driver’s License and Auto Insurance Card on file.

Food Pantry and Grocery Deliveries
(Excerpt from Care-Receiver Handbook)

“We do provide deliveries from The Neighbor’s Place Food Pantry for those who are homebound or have no other way to get there. The deliveries are every 2 weeks and are always on a Wednesday. There is no financial qualification. If you are interested in using the food pantry, you can just call our office. The Volunteer Coordinator can get you registered with them without additional paperwork.”

Presently, we have made arrangements with two Wausau grocery stores, Trigs (Trig’s-to-go) and Lamb’s Fresh Market, for FIAMC volunteers to deliver groceries directly from the store to your home. This is a delivery service only. Neither our office staff nor our volunteers will help you place an order or handle any money, credit cards, and/or debit cards. If you are interested in ordering groceries from either store, you must call them. They will explain how to get started. If you prefer a different grocer, please check with them. Call our office a week before groceries are ready to be delivered and a volunteer will pick up the groceries and deliver them to you – FIAMC delivers for FREE!

Upcoming Event:
Tuesday, August 14 at 10:00 am. at FIAMC Office. Mike/Director of Services, from Aging & Disability Resource Center will present how our agencies partner together and warning signs of Dementia.

As you proceed in the beautiful summer months, remember to take time for your own personal refreshment.

We, at Faith in Action of Marathon County, are grateful for ALL your HARD work
and FAITHFUL service.

There has been a recent change in our Board of Directors. FIAMC’s President, Bill Pogge, stepped down to concentrate his energies in our Senior Home Safety Program, which he was instrumental in developing for our Marathon County Senior Residents.

We are grateful for Bill’s vigorous leadership during a turbulent time in FIAMC’s history. We are on solid ground, moving forward with ACTION.  THANK YOU, BILL!!!

During the next few months, a Leadership Team will share responsibilities of the Presidency: Vicki Bender/VP, Eric Steinbach, Julie Kuehn/SEC, Dwala Smail and Ruth Hebbe/PD. Elections for the new President will be held in October at our Annual Membership Meeting. I will keep you informed.

The Office of the Commissioner of Insurance. In a three-page document, he recommends consumers read their auto insurance policy in detail for information addressing volunteer coverage, as well as, contacting their carrier with any questions or need for clarification.

Since insurance companies can vary in their coverages, exclusions, etc., this is good advice to follow to better understand your insurance coverage.
While most insurance companies cover use of your personal auto for volunteering purposes, as long as you are not receiving any payment, there could be specific conditions or exclusions that your company has that may affect your coverage. Mileage reimbursement within the federal rate is not considered payment.

It can be helpful to have your agent indicate in writing, the coverage you have so there are no misunderstandings. An annual check of your policy is prudent of any changes in the new policy year.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns. You can call, email or set a time with me to stop in and chat.

With Warm Regards,


Ruth Hebbe, Program Director

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